TERiX India Announces Major Data Center Win!

Today TERiX Computer Service India, PL, announced a major hardware support contract with a multi-billion rupee on-line retailer in India. TERiX will immediately begin supporting thousands of devices during an accelerated ramp-up period in order to meet an urgent customer deadline.

“We are honored and humbled to be entrusted with the hardware support responsibility for this prestigious company,” says Sathis Kumar, Assistant General Manager. “We are delighted we were able to solve their business requirements and meet their deadlines by creating a support capability previously unavailable in the market.”

AGM Ramesh Meenappa adds “This is a perfect fit for our high-end data center support capabilities. Maintaining a high level of system availability is crucial for on-line retailers and excessive down time cannot be tolerated. Our reputation as an exceptional third party data center support provider played a key role in our selection.” Among the customer’s selection criteria were a proven track record of exceptional data center support, creation of a “customer-centric” Statement of Work and a short service ramp up period.

About TERiX

TERiX provides customers with OEM-like technical data center maintenance skills but at reasonable prices and tailored to fit a client’s business needs. Its innovative global multi-vendor data center maintenance offerings have been trusted by thousands of clients since 1997. TERiX is recognized by Gartner as a “stalwart” and “pure play TPM”. TERiX supports the servers, storage and networking hardware of over 40 OEMs. TERiX offers a range of information technology support capabilities including bespoke maintenance contracts, on-demand technical support and other managed service capabilities.

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