TERiX Supported OEMs

  • EMC™ +
    EMC Disk: Symmetrix (DMX and VMAX), VNX, Celerra, Clariion (AX and CX), Isilon, Data Domain
  • Hitachi™ +

    Hitachi Disk: VSP, USPV, USP, Lightning, AMS 1000/2000, Thunder, HNAS, HP XP, Sun 9XX0

  • NetApp™ +

    FAS2X0-80XX, F8X-8X0, V-Series IBM N-Series

  • Oracle SUN™ +

    StorEdge, SPARCstorage, Unified Storage, ZFS, NAS, RSM, AXX00, StorageTek, SL8500, L-Series, Powerhorn

  • HP™ +
    HP Disk: 3PAR, EVA, MSA, Proliant Storage, StoreEasy, Rebranded HDS XP10000, XP12000, XP20000, XP24000 and P9500.
    HP Tape: EML, ESL, MSL, Surestore, StorageWorks, Optical Libraries
  • IBM™ +

    IBM Disk: XIV (Up to Gen3), DS Series, Storwize, FAStT, FlashSystem, N Series, SVC, TotalStorage, Enterprise Storage Server (Shark)
    IBM Tape: TS Series, 34XX, 35XX, 39XX

  • Lenovo™ +


  • Dell™ +

    Dell Disk: Compellent, EqualLogic, PowerVault, Rebranded EMC, SC Series, AX-Series
    Dell Tape: PowerVault ML & TL

  • Fujitsu™ +
    Fujitsu Disk: Eternus
  • Quantum™/Adic™ +
    Scalar Series, P Series, M Series, PX Sereis, iSeries, Faststor
  • Huawei™ +
    OceanStor, FusionStorage
  • Other +
    Adaptec, Emulex, LSI, Maxtor, Overland, Qlogic, QualStar, Seagate, Sony, Western Digital. Please contact the TERiX Sales Team at (888) 780-6260 for any OEM not listed.

TERiXSTORAGE provides a comprehensive alternative to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) storage hardware maintenance plans. Whether you’re running a mix of hardware brands, using storage systems that are technically past their End of Service Life (EOSL) cutoff, or just paying too much for OEM and looking for a replacement that gives you equivalent SLA attainment at a more reasonable price, moving your storage maintenance to TERiX makes good business sense.

Just because TERiX is independent doesn’t mean it’s a step back from service levels provided by your storage equipment’s manufacturer. In fact, most storage support customers enjoy an objectively superior experience to the OEM maintenance plan, including better SLA attainment and significantly reduced diagnostic and solution times. The TERiX maintenance alternative offers a more complete solution than other third party maintainers because of our engineering background. We come to the table with sophisticated storage management systems and OEM-grade appliances that a simple break-fix provider can’t offer.

TERiX ProServe®, our proprietary storage maintenance management system, not only detects and diagnoses events but opens service tickets automatically. ProServe also brings advanced heartbeat monitoring, analysis and call-home capabilities critical for avoiding downtime in high-availability environments.

Storage environments with widespread redundancy may be better served by TERiX ProServe Lite®, or even by TERiX Reactive which leaves you free to use your own monitoring processes and contact us manually when an event occurs. This flexibility lets you dial-down your costs to meet your unique needs, as a smart alternative to the high-priced, one-size-fits-all contracts typical of OEMs in the storage space.

End-of-life and legacy storage support is another area where TERiX excels and delivers more than the OEM can offer. Rather than leaving your datacenter at the mercy of an OEM’s product release schedule, with TERiX you can maintain your existing systems with affordable, SLA-meeting, enterprise-grade maintenance decades past the OEM’s announced end-of-life or end-of-service dates should you want to do so – for as long as you have requirements.

TERiX also provides transitional coverage for customers who migrate from one storage platform to another, either from EOL/EOSL to newer models, or from one OEM brand to another. We’re able to add new systems in place of old ones on existing contracts to avoid the ugly OEM scenario where you’re paying maintenance for a full year on systems you decomissioned months ago, while other hardware isn’t on any contract.

TERiX ProServe is a premier TERiX service offering for storage maintenance and includes our pro-active solution, which frees up IT professionals from laborious monitoring and fault-finding duties. Storage error logs are infamously long and difficult to parse, so the first advantage of ProServe is that it eliminates that problem entirely, parsing error logs for you and opening tickets with the correct diagnostic information completely hands-free.

With TERiX ProServe for Storage, IT professionals can focus more time on business outcomes and less time on storage maintenance management. Maintenance changes from a tedious, time-wasting chore into a simple notification process, keeping you and your human capital aligned with profits rather than maintenance issues.

Why ProServe?

  • Call Home + Notification
  • Remote Access Capabilities
  • Heartbeat
  • Analysis
  • Event Monitoring
  • Event Filtering
  • Inline Utility
  • Hot Swap Utilities
  • Memory Scrubbing Utility
  • Bin Load File Utilities
  • Call Monitoring
  • Error Analyzing

Customizable Service Level Agreements available with global support.

Call To Repair 6

  • 24 x 7 Phone Support
  • Repair in 6 hours
  • 15 minutes call back


  • 24 x 7 x 365
  • 4 Hour on-site response for hardware support
  • 15 minutes call back


  • 9 x 5 Monday-Friday
  • 8AM-5PM local time
  • 4 Hour on-site response for hardware support
  • 15 minutes call back

Next Business Day

  • 9 x 5 Monday-Friday
  • Next business day on-site for hardware support
  • 15 minutes call back
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ProServe can be added to any Storage SLA for systems that call home.

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