Cut Hardware Maintenance Costs

OEMs overcharge for service and deliver only “ho hum” quality.  Some OEMs gouge customers and report 70% margins on service revenue while delivering only average service and requiring you, the paying customer, to replace your own parts!  Incredible!

Take advantage of your 1-3 year hardware warranty on newer products by purchasing a labor-only on-site TERiX support contract.  No need to add an expensive OEM on-site service contract when replacement parts are already covered by warranty.  

OEMs typically raise hardware support costs as your hardware ages while the cost to support aging hardware is plummeting because OEMs want you to buy new hardware from them.  

You can save 40-80% over OEM hardware maintenance costs and use your savings to create business value.

Customizable Service Level Agreements available to fit your business needs.

Costed to fit your budget.

Better Service, Better Value.

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