For Original Equipment Manufacturers

We maintain so you can innovate

If you’re a manufacturer of datacenter hardware, you have a choice when it comes to support for your products. You may have the time, upfront funding, and resources to turn maintenance expenses into a revenue stream; or you may prefer not to carry the financial load of service agreements, in favor of more rapid development and bringing innovation to the marketplace with more agility.

If you’re the latter, and looking for a service partner on whom to offload some or all of your field/onsite hardware maintenance, TERiX may be a great fit. We support more than thirty brands of datacenter hardware – ranging from the simplest Cisco routers to the most complex IBM mainframes – and may be a profitable maintenance provider for your product as well.

Best-fit scenarios

  • Products in the datacenter on a national or global scale
  • Some proportion of industry-standard parts under the hood
  • A value to customers in providing onsite SLA-based service
  • Logistical or other difficulties in delivering this onsite service directly
  • Room in the pricing of the product for a partnership to be of mutual benefit

Next Steps

Contact TERiX Strategic Alliances today to open up the discussion of benefits and practical considerations regarding your maintenance opportunity. We look forward to helping your customers receive enterprise-grade support while you focus on creating the next big thing in the datacenter. Connect with us using our contact form, and we will follow up with more details relevant to you specifically.

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