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TERiX is a full-featured alternative to OEM hardware maintenance, delivered by hardware and engineering experts certified on over 30 OEM brands, using certified and lab-tested parts. Our technicians and engineers are familiar with thousands of single and cross-brand configurations, and are easy to work with at any level. Systems and service integrators enjoy the practical benefits of partnership with TERiX as a multi-vendor, multi-lifecycle maintenance provider, operating as an extension of the integrator’s own brand as a more agile and potentially more profitable alternative to rigid OEM maintenance.

This not only boosts your offering with multi-brand, multi-lifecycle, multi-location services, but provides crucial scalability and insurance for the future as enterprise customers grow and their systems evolve over time. Partnering with TERiX gives you a broad and deep menu of datacenter maintenance services to offer customers now and to attract more customers in the future. You secure the business, and TERiX does the work, bringing you more opportunities and revenues.

Global scope with local reliability

TERiX compared to Maintenance Industry Benchmarks

Industry Standard TERiX
Avg. time to reach a human being:
55 seconds 17 seconds
Percentage of time Service Level Agreement (SLA) is met:
88.5% 98.3%
Correct part available same-day percentage:
86.9% 96.8%

“Industry standard benchmarks excerpted from Gartner Market Focus Survey ©2008 The Gartner Group. TERiX performance excerpted from TERiX Ticketing System and Response Center analytics as of Jul 2017.”

  • Extensive sparing and warehousing logistics resources and certified L1 – L3+ staffing for an OEM-grade (or better) service experience
  • TERiX support is available in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia, including the growing markets in India, Singapore, South Korea and Japan
  • Vendor-neutral, multi-lifecycle offerings to fill a broad range of maintenance gaps overnight
  • Support for over 30 OEM brands and of servers, storage and networking all on one contract, with volume discounting across brands
    • Supported hardware includes new and EOL/EOSL systems from IBM, HP, Oracle Sun, EMC, NetApp, STK, Hitachi, Cisco, Supermicro, Compaq, Industry-standard x86 lines
    • OS support for Unix operating systems including Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, HP-ME and others

Significant value to systems integrators

  • Expands competitiveness and breadth of certifications instantly
  • OEMs, other third party providers have an incentive to compete with you for hardware sales and customers; TERiX is totally focused on hardware maintenance excellence, and your success
  • Responsive, easier to work with and empowered to be far more flexible than OEM sales teams
  • Volume discounting across brands
  • Dedicated sales support with fast, comprehensive quote turnaround for TERiX partners

More opportunities makes you more competitive

Leveraging these combined strengths with an ease of doing business, TERiX Systems Integrator partnerships deliver a comprehensive, innovative, and margin-friendly solution whether service delivery is across town or across hemispheres, at a single datacenter location or at hundreds for the same customer. TERiX supports your position as a trusted advisor to your service clients, giving you the tools to be more profitable and more competitive in your markets.

Find out more

Above is a brief and generic overview of the options and benefits available to you as a TERiX Systems Integrator Strategic Partner. Connect with us using our contact form, and we will follow up with more details relevant to you specifically.

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