Strategic Partner

Benefits for System Integrators, OEMs and Third Party Maintainers

Strategic Alliances deliver more selling opportunities, wider brand expertise, deeper lifecycle relevance, and bigger revenues to partners virtually overnight. Hardware systems maintenance is a key part of a larger datacenter ecosystem, and the larger your footprint in the space, the more value and relevance you have to prospects.

  • TERiX can be a selling point as a visible partner for your business, or a totally invisible extension of your own brand.
  • Extend your support capabilties with enterprise-grade, certified service and parts for over 30 OEM brands of mainframes, servers, storage, networking and operating systems
  • Outsource existing maintenance work to us where your split with the current provider isn’t satisfying or where the current provider isn’t delivering an excellent customer service experience.
  • With a personalized attention to your company’s unique strengths in the marketplace, TERiX supports and supplements your people, delivering a flexible and mutually profitable framework of services without ever diluting your brand.

Through these partnerships, TERiX can add a flexible variety of options to your revenue pursuit and recast activities. TERiX can act on your behalf as the complete hardware maintenance provider, or can be a supplemental service company handling support on brands that are otherwise not profitable. For well over a decade TERiX has worked with industry-leading OEMs and Integrators, delivering enterprise-grade hardware support in datacenters in more than 56 countries on 4 continents. TERiX engineers and technicians are experts who are easy to work with, and our brand commitment to a positive support experience extends to our sales divisions as well. Partners enjoy and recommend us based on our reliability, our expertise and certifications, our flexibility and our respect for partner brand identity.

If a partnership with TERiX could have relevant value to you, contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss the details.

Need more information before you can decide whether you should pursue a partnership?

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