The Terix Advantage

Your clients come to you for solutions. When you present cost-effective ideas that genuinely help clients, you’re building long-term relationships that contribute to recurring business. That time-honored tradition is at the heart of how TERiX operates. TERiX provides datacenter hardware maintenance as a smarter alternative to both high-cost OEM and low-service third party maintenance contracts as an independent solution.

With revenues averaging a one-third increase year over year, we’ve grown strategically into a service provider with headquarters in the Silicon Valley and major command centers in the US, Canada, Japan, India, Singapore, South Korea and Australia. Our logistics and distribution network currently operates on four continents, and is responsive to each of over a thousand customer locations in more than 56 countries. A significant percentage of that business is through our channel partners.

“At TERiX, we understand the complexities of maintaining ongoing relationships between technology solution providers and their customers. We emphasize partnership primarily in the trenches where it matters, getting on conference calls, supplying references, setting up test calls, giving marketing and lead generation guidance, and in general trying to treat every reseller as if they are, in fact, our only reseller.”

Our technicians and engineers meet the wide-ranging standards around the world for security, certification and compliance that allow us to maintain server, storage and networking hardware and UNIX operating systems as the safer, more personalized, and vastly more flexible maintenance choice for a diverse range of data center locations and the midmarket and enterprise businesses and government agencies that operate them.

Unlike cut-rate service providers with service levels significantly lower than the OEM, TERiX offers a equivalent support options with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) as well as an engineering heritage that frequently and sometimes famously provides services above and beyond what the OEMs themselves offer clients.

TERiX respects and incentivizes channel partners with flexible commission/pricing options to ensure you’re not cutting revenues in the process of reselling TERiX to your clients. Where some OEMs have traditionally had rocky relationships with their channels, and many third party providers take control of channel accounts after a set number of years, TERiX trusts and cultivates channel business. The channel is at the core of our overall DNA. Rather than dictating terms or imposing strict sales requirements like other vendors, TERiX gives you the platform and does all the TERiX sales legwork on your behalf. That way, you can concentrate on your own sales of hardware and value-add, while we ensure that prospects are getting their TERiX information consistently across every opportunity.

TERiX Support Makes Business Sense

What else makes TERiX a Better Service, and a Better Value for you and your Clients?

  • Global footprint with a consistent local experience
  • Lab-tested, individually-certified parts
  • Worldwide logistics network and technical coverage
  • Secure online access to customers’ service tickets
  • Proactive, automated, or completely self-serve solutions to accomodate all preferences
  • Multi-Vendor support solutions
  • 7x24x365 support availability by phone, email and website
  • Operating System knowledge
  • Legacy and new product support
  • Coverage available on over 30 OEM brands of server, storage and network hardware
  • Revenues are 100% service-based
  • FixFIRST & Interoperability policies
  • Personal presales assistance on calls and collateral from dedicated TERiX Channel business development managers

Find out more

Finding out more is simple. Just give TERiX Channel Sales a call at 000-800-100-7020 (India) 877-837-4999 (North America), or fill our contact form.

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