For Third Party Maintainers

More options for mutual benefit

Third party hardware, software, and appliance maintainers are in growing demand. The market wants more options at a better price point, but more players also means more competition for you. How do you differentiate your service offering without spending too much time and money on technologies that fail to take off? How can you prepare for the future without spending a fortune upfront on training and new hires?

TERiX Computer Service supplements your existing skill sets and parts/logistics with our enterprise-grade certifications on 30+ OEM brands and parts. Rather than the time and expense of training your own staff on products that won’t be the core of your business, TERiX gives you a safe pathway to higher-margin subscription revenue streams virtually overnight.

TERiX partnerships deliver certified service expertise on more than 30 high-demand new and legacy OEM brands including IBM, HP, Oracle Sun, EMC, Cisco, Hitachi, Dell, NetApp, Compaq, STK and Supermicro, from the most popular to some of the most obscure. Our services fill the gaps so you can focus on new business, augmenting your expertise without the time, expense, and risks and delays involved in hiring and training. Best of all, your customers enjoy a seamless service experience that will preserve renewals and pave the way for more revenue from existing satisfied customers.

With TERiX as a partner, you can go deep with more manpower on a total solution for a single lucrative market, or go broad and reach into completely new markets with your service footprint. You can even grow in both directions at once, without the sales quota minimums that make other parner programs less appealing. TERiX partnerships deliver the personnel, certifications, engineering, logistics and service levels you need, for the confidence you want to bring to every new sale. You benefit from the command and control processes we already have in place, and TERiX benefits by keeping our existing resources efficiently utilized on four continents. This creates a simple and valuable win-win-win scenario for you, your valued customers, and TERiX.

Get bigger, get better

  • Extensive sparing and warehousing logistics resources and certified L1 – L3+ staffing for an OEM-grade (or better) service experience
  • TERiX support is available in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia, including deep coverage in multiple growing markets across India, Singapore, South Korea and Japan
  • Vendor-neutral, multi-lifecycle offerings can fill a broad range of maintenance gaps overnight
  • Mixed-SLA flexibility with support for over 30 OEM brands and of servers, storage and networking hardware all on one contract, with volume discounting across brands
    • Supported hardware includes new and EOL/EOSL systems from IBM, HP, Oracle Sun, EMC, NetApp, STK, Hitachi, Cisco, Supermicro, Compaq, Industry-standard x86 lines and more
    • OS support for Unix operating systems including Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, HP-ME and others

Significant value to systems integrators

  • Expands competitiveness and breadth of certifications instantly
  • Most OEMs and many other third party providers use support as a sales technique to push newer hardware. TERiX is totally focused on maintenance excellence, sells no competing products, and is unaffected by EOL/EOSL announcements from the OEM.
  • Capable of enormous product, contract and service level flexibility compared to OEM sales teams
  • Volume discounting across brands
  • Intense sales support with fast, comprehensive quote turnaround

A webpage can only give a brief and generic overview of the options and benefits available to you as a TERiX Third Party Maintenance Partner. Connect with us using our contact form, and we will follow up with more details relevant to you specifically.

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