TERiX Supported OEMs

  • Cisco™ +

    Catalyst & Blade Switches, Routers (ISR & ASR), Nexus, Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA), Wireless, VOIP & Collaboration Products

  • Juniper™ +
    T-Series, J-Series, MX, M, PTX, EX, QFX, SRX Series
  • Brocade™/McData™ +

    Sphereon, Intrepid, Eclipse, Silkworm, SLX, VDX, ICX, CES, DCX, MLX

  • HP™ +
    ProCurve (1XX0 through 8XX0), Brocade (DCX & Silkworm) Rebranded, Cisco/MDS 9XXX Rebranded
  • IBM™/Lenovo™ +

    IBM Converged Switches, IBM Ethernet Routers, SAN (FC Switch), SAN Routers, RackSwitch, Rebranded Brocade & MDS

  • Dell™ +
    PowerConnect, Dell Networking, Rebranded Brocade & Cisco
  • EMC™ +
  • F5™ +
    Varies, call with your models
  • Huawei™ +
    AR Series, CloudEngine, NetEngine Series, AtomEngine Series, Secospace
  • Other +
    Broadcom, D-Link, Force10, Intel, Linksys, Marvell, Mellanox, Netgear, Oracle/Sun, Realtek. Please contact the TERiX Sales Team at (888) 780-6260 for any OEM not listed.

Networks are the circulatory and nervous system of your datacenter. While individual components may be relatively simple, the network as a whole is a universe unto itself and can be a never-ending support assignment. It doesn’t help that in the networking space, even the OEMs don’t normally provide onsite technicians; support responses from the OEM can be inconsistent, and when it comes to system maintenance you must either find a solid network support provider or handle your network monitoring, error management, and break-fix activity yourself.

WAN, LAN, SAN hardware support for Cisco, Brocade and more

TERiXNETWORK solutions are available for a variety of devices in Wide Area Network (WAN), Local Area Network (LAN), and Storage Area Network (SAN) deployments, including routers, directors/switches, security devices and access points from Cisco™, Brocade™, Juniper™, McData™and others. Full-service proactive as well as cost-conscious reactive support service levels are available and can be mixed and matched by brand, lifecycle and service level on the same contract, letting you dial in your costs to match each component’s criticality.

Mix and Match service levels on a single, simple contract

TERiX Computer Service gives you the flexibility to mix and match multiple service levels by device on a single, simple contract, rather than blanketing one-size-fits-all service across the network. This win-win scenario means you aren’t stuck sorting out frustrating problems or installing critical fix components on your own, but you’re also not on the hook for the cost of across-the-board full-service support you don’t need on aging or less critical devices.

The TERiX solution flexibly allows you to tailor call center, analysis, triage, and multi-platform support services, with onsite hardware break-fix services and shared phone helpdesk options to meet your needs. TERiX service is available across the US and around the globe, primarily serving North America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific including Australia. We offer four levels of support service with additional full-service options depending on whether your needs are reactive or proactive.

High-end support options for enterprise networks

The TERiX ProServe monitoring solution is T-NET Onsite™, the TERiX brand name for proactiveMonitoring support options that include for some products:

  • 24 x 7 Network monitoring and support capabilities, nationwide
  • OEM Certified engineers available for TAC support and onsite hardware maintenance
  • Real-time troubleshooting
  • Single point of contact
  • Simplified annual contract & billing for all equipment
  • Dynamic alerts keeping us on top of events at all times
  • Engineering dispatch to get your fix on the way without logistics delays
  • Incident management with our online ticketing system
  • Notifications so you can focus on business outcomes rather than checking tickets
  • Reporting for a statistical look at events
  • More efficient and useful work assignments for system administrators

Lower price point and less comprehensive options are also available for your networking devices. TERiX reactive support plans include:

  • CP4 (Critical Plus):7x24x365 with 4 hr Onsite
  • CR4 (Critical): 5×24 Weekday with 4 hr Onsite
  • EL4 (Elite): 8×5 Weekday with 4 hr Onsite
  • STD (Standard): 8×5 Weekday with Next Business Day Onsite

With TERiX, you’re on your way to Better Service – Better Value.

While our technicians are certified and our parts are OEM, each component is like-for-like and lab-tested for functionality, TERiX is not Cisco or a Cisco partner. This can be an advantage for our customers for several specific reasons.

  1. TERiX can offer a wider variety of network maintenance services, especially high-end services, with more flexibility on contracts.
  2. Our pricing can be more flexible to better align with needs and budgets, and maintenance costs trend downward over time because TERiX doesn’t sell hardware upgrades.
  3. Our support is also multi-vendor, including network product support from many manufacturers, as well as support for storage and server manufacturer platforms.
  4. Customers come before shareholders. The only people we need to please are the customers we serve around the world every day.
  5. Our support helps you extend the life of your hardware systems, keeping them running smoothly.  We offer our services globally in the US and 48 countries.
  6. TERiX customers can put over 30 brands of networking, server and storage hardware on the same contract, managed by the same ticketing system, with volume discounting across brands.
  7. True lifecycle and vendor neutrality. With TERiX you can avoid vendor lock and run systems as long as you see a reason to, regardless of what the original manufacturer says about end-of-service-life and end-of-support dates.

Customizable Service Level Agreements available with global support.

Call To Repair 6

  • 24 x 7 Phone Support
  • Repair in 6 hours
  • 15 minutes call back


  • 24 x 7 x 365
  • 4 Hour on-site response for hardware support
  • 15 minutes call back


  • 9 x 5 Monday-Friday
  • 8AM-5PM local time
  • 4 Hour on-site response for hardware support
  • 15 minutes call back

Shared Plus

  • 24 x 7 Phone Support
  • Next business day parts
  • 15 minutes call back
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