TERiX Identified as “key player” in global multi-vendor support services market.

TERiX is included in a select group of companies, including such heavyweights as Dell, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and IBM, as a key player in global multi-vendor support by market research and consultancy firm Global Market Vision.  In their just released research report entitled “Global Multi-Vendor Support Services Market Recent Trends, In-depth Analysis, Size and Forecast To 2027”, Global Market Vision cites TERiX’s ability to provide high end support services for the servers, storage and networking products of major manufacturers and to do so on a global basis.

Gilles Bellemare, TERiX Canada President – General Manager, says “TERiX has achieved a consistent world-class service delivery capability that provides the same high quality level of service and technical wherewithal regardless of service location.  We call that our ‘international standard of service’ which we developed to provide a consistent high quality level of service to those clients with service requirements around the globe.  Our clients expect the same service experience in New York as the service experiences in Amsterdam or Bangalore.  We deliver!”

See Global Market Vision’s research available for preview at:

TERiX, the 24 year old multi-vendor support services company headquartered in the United States, provides customers with OEM-like technical data center maintenance skills but at reasonable prices and tailored to fit a client’s business needs. Its innovative global multi-vendor data center maintenance offerings have been trusted by thousands of clients since 1997. TERiX is recognized by Gartner as a “stalwart” and “pure play TPM”. TERiX supports the servers, storage and networking hardware of over 40 OEMs. TERiX offers a range of information technology support capabilities including bespoke maintenance contracts, on-demand technical support and other managed service capabilities.

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