IT managers need more than hardware break/fix support. IT data center requirements are constantly in flux. TERiX can tackle the IT projects for you. From server/data migration to data center moves to simple IMAC, whatever the IT project, we have solutions. We summarize our most popular services and tool sets below. For more info fill our contact form, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  Change Management (Projects)

   Change Management (Maintenance)

Change Management (Projects)

Server Migration

The marketplace is always changing, and sometimes the change in direction of an OEM or provider has a large impact on your strategies for the data center. If you’re using TERiX for your independent hardware maintenance, you can be confident that regardless of what hardware you’re leaving behind, or migrating to, at least you don’t have to worry about how to get support for it during the transition, or for any legacy hardware you’d rather keep if you’re not doing a complete rip and replace. TERiX specializes in mixed environments and mixed lifecycles, providing fast, painless, and first-time-fixed support for any mix of more than 30 data center OEM hardware products, from brand new components to machines twenty years or more past end of life.

A key advantage of working with TERiX is that you retain unprecedented freedom of action regardless of your maintenance renewal date. Whether you’re moving from Sun Solaris to HP-UX, IBM AIX, or Red Hat Linux, or doing partial moves based on consolidation or other hardware changes, TERiX can provide targeted migration services for your current and incoming platforms, and dedicates project teams to focus on assisting your staff in conversion of operating system, applications, and critical data. TERiX can also maintain the existing and new platforms concurrently to ensure everything remains operational as desired before, during and after the process.

Data Migration

Data migration projects can be major efforts with layers of complexities, and even the simplest moves have the potential for data loss and stratospheric expenses if managed poorly. TERiX provides a host of data migration services for storage and backup among EMC, NetAPP, Hitachi, StorageTek and many other OEM products that maintain data integrity and reliability. Mapping, extraction, loading, and verification processes are highly automated, freeing your staff from tedious labor while ensuring the migration is free from errors and accomplished with a minimum impact on your operational processes.

Even when multiple migrations are happening simultaneously and data is flowing in many directions at once, TERiX can ensure that you always remain in transparent control of the process. While traditional OEM support may present you with a dangerous support gap as individial machines are brought in and out of production, your hardware is protected fully by our vendor-neutral support capabilities and flexible maintenance contracts that meet your needs rather than dictating your actions. Whether you’re in the midst of an ongoing migration due to regulatory changes or are working through a virtualization or colocation project, TERiX offers maintenance customers critical change management assistance that’s a breeze to initiate and manage.

Data Center Moves

TERiX can provide full service data center moves for your organization with a minimum of disruption. Recently TERiX moved all systems for a market-leading semiconductor manufacturer – meeting all time constraints, uptime requirements and the project budget, with no interruption in business operations despite the vast scale of the move. The customer had no worries about breakdowns in process between data center facilities and IT because TERiX planning and execution made all the difference.

Install, Move, Add, Change (IMAC) Services

TERiX IMAC support ensures that everything from simple drive swaps to massively complex new server/storage/networking installs benefit from years of field experience, and avoid dragging your limited internal IT resources away from your own business revenues. When TERiX provides IMAC services, they’re handled by an engineering team has been doing IMAC day in and day out all over the world for more than a decade. You know your business best, and when IMAC is delegated to TERiX, you get to focus on your business outcomes, instead of your hardware coordination.

Whether your organization has a systems move across an aisle or across an ocean, TERiX can deliver. And while a big move might be a no-brainer for handing over to TERix, we have dedicated technical and administrative teams who focus on quick change service needs that are not really traditional maintenance, but nonetheless important to the action plan that rules the day. In essence, if it matters to you, involves data center hardware, and you’d rather not devote internal resources to it, we want to provide you as much assistance as possible so there are fewer problems and less likelihood of long-term issues.

Change Management (Maintenance)

Transition Management Services

“It’s just a project right? We know what we’re doing and we can figure it out as we go. Everything will turn out just fine.” While it’s possible to buck the trend on occasion, independent research (Change management and software project scost studies compiled 2004-2009 by Gartner, Forrester, IDC, OVUM, and Standish Group) suggests that this is a dangerous assumption, and that only about a third of all data center projects go smoothly, with 20% never even getting finished. Transition projects require successful navigation of cost minefields, and the best minesweeper is one who does it every day (and in our case, every day for thirten years).

All TERiX service engagements include transition services, and for mid-size and large programs, TERiX assigns a dedicated Transition Manager or Transition Management Team. Transition services include our internal ramp-up activities in CS/SD and Logistics centers, as well as site survey and coordination of external services. Success is achieved through deliberate planning, resource assignment, teamwork, execution and continuous transparent communication.

First Call and Warranty Facilitation Services

We recently brought on a customer who started off with over 114 different service providers in their US and international locations. That’s a lot to manage.

Enter TERiX First Call Center and Warranty Facilitation Services. TERiX can take first call support and handle enrollment and entitlement of all your systems–those we support, and those that we don’t support–as your representative with the manufacturer. For customers who are bringing their support business to TERiX, First Call and Warranty Facilitation Service allows staggered implementations. Long-term customers may have a mix of vendors, but still want a single point of contact, and find that no OEM will take calls for another OEM’s products. Vendor-neutral TERiX is happy to provide this service when others won’t, or can’t.

Account Services Engineer (ASE)

Sometimes there’s no substitute for feet on the ground, temporarily or even permanently depending on needs and implementation complexity. An Account Services Executive (ASE) may be a perfect fit. Your ASE can assist in managing disk retention, cleansing or destruction programs, in the planning of data center moves or consolidation of service providers, or in daily reporting and analysis of events and outcomes. TERiX support service doesn’t merely support individual pieces of hardware – it supports your business outcomes and always gives you the flexibility to decide how that looks in your data center. Your ASE is an extension of that flexibility, giving you a specific single point of contact for a host of support activities and services.

Technical Account Manager (TAM)/Support Account Manager (SAM)

A customer that has specialized reporting and program-based needs requires more than a standard approach, and for this reason TERIX assigns remote TAM/SAM resources at many of our customers. These offsite expert resources are of significant value in providing “what if” advice, and in delivering more sophisticated cause analysis and reporting scope when needed.

While the whole of TERIX is there to support you on trouble ticket needs and in service areas where we contract with you, our experience working with the largest of clients in every industry vertical have made eminently clear how important personal technical relationships are and how critical a single-point-of-contact can be in high intensity computing environments. TERiX support services are process-based and rely on best practices in a structured methodology to drive our ‘second-to-none’ philosophy. The added value you have at TERiX is in having a personal expert to personalize the approach when it fits the needs of your data center ecosystem.

Online Reporting Services Toolsets

All TERiX customers have access day and night to our online ticketing system – and self-service ad hoc reporting across their TERiX-supported infrastructure. The days of only guessing at what you have, where it is, and whether it is under a contract or not go away when TERiX is your hardware support provider, because our proprietary support tools and systems bring rich metadata to your fingertips.

Need to know more about ‘frequent offenders’? You can find out what systems run more smoothly, what problems are more common than others, and view the progress of every trouble ticket and service transaction with end-to-end transparency. As a TERiX independendent support customer you have continuous access to information to leverage with your future purchases, enriching your overall picture of costs, uptime, power use, cooling efficiencies, and ultimately your true uptime and productivity.

Proserve: Proactive Monitoring Services

Unlike other independent and third party hardware service providers, TERiX is really an ‘engineering company’ that delivers service. The proof is in the host of secure applications, active services and redundant systems that form a critical part of service delivery and customer satisfaction.

TERiX ProServe defines our proactive service offerings for servers, storage and network support. TERiX has developed server technologies that allow us to continuously, actively monitor your data center servers, or accept call-home alerts and open tickets automatically, monitor and burn down a golden image of your network device or isolate change in seconds between a known operational server state and a trouble state. These features are a key part of our commitment to unapologetically deliver better service and better value, fundamentally superior to OEM-based hardware support offerings. Our intellectual property and service ticketing system combine to give you greater access, greater control, and greater transparency regarding your hardware and your service events.

Legacy and End-of-Service-Life (EOSL) Maintenance

Original Equipment Manufacturers have every incentive to sell you all-new systems every year or two, and you already know that in some platforms the life cycle of a system can be less than 70 days before it is declared obsolete and a new model released to replace it. OEMs seek to motivate customers to new architectures by increasing support costs as systems age, and by eventually eliminating support, offering only a scant time and materials option – with no service level expectation.

By contrast, TERiX supports newly manufactured systems, as well as models that are now out of production, even those that have been EOSL for twenty years. The costs to support legacy equipment, far from weighing against the strategy, are so low that they actually encourage it in a broad variety of circumstances. Selecting TERIX in your services strategy is a way to preserve the stability and usefulness of reliable systems for as long as you have need, dramatically reducing risks without increasing maintenance costs, and premitting partial upgrades and mixed-lifecycle data center deployments that OEMs are simply unable to fully support to any comparable degree.

Onsite Field Engineering

For most customers, a dispatch model where support is delivered like as needed based on one or more service events fits the bill. But some customers have high-intensity production environments whose needs exceed this type of traditional service level objective approach. For such clients, TERiX makes onsite engineering and Call-To-Repair (CTR) services available.

Count on TERIX to deliver on your specialized needs by creating a custom plan that adopts a just-in-time delivery or a resident expert approach to meet your business and technology needs. TERiX can design a customized solution that delivers intense service and comprehensive value at the same time.

Disk Retention/Cleaning/Destruction Support

Your industry may have special requirements for data retention, and TERiX supports the largest of customers in many of these vertical industries including pharmaceutical, financial, and over a dozen US Federal Government agencies. Regulations and compliance are complex issues. Each customer need is different, and this is why TERiX PMO designs a structured approach after listening to the customer and understanding clearly what effect HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and/or other major regulatory codes have, and how security and privacy are handled across the life of data and of hardware as well. TERiX can manage and document the entire process, or simply play a role in empowering your team’s efforts as an outside compliance advisor.