Is An IT Hardware Recycler Masquerading As Your Service Provider?

Expert multi-vendor hardware support of your critical datacenter assets is too important to leave to just anyone. Make sure your IT assets are supported by legitimate IT service providers whose primary business is providing expert service, not reselling used hardware.

In today’s pandemic environment, IT assets shoulder an increased workload as more employees, customers and partners access your services remotely. IT uptime and efficient remedial repair are now more important then ever!

You deserve and expect a dedicated service provider with an “always on” 7x24x365 Response Center, OEM trained engineering staff, quality replacement parts and a world-wide geographic reach that provides the same high standard of service whether in New York, Mumbai or Berlin. That’s what you get with the best IT support providers.

Don’t risk your IT uptime to an opportunistic hardware recycler pretending to be a full service IT support provider. But how can you tell the “pretenders” from the “contenders”? Simply apply this multi-point evaluation.

  1. Did you pay for same day support but only receive next day support (or worse)?
  2. You reach an answering service when you call their Response Center.
  3. Their Response Center is not always staffed 7x24x365.
  4. Do “freelancers” perform your on-site hardware replacement, rather than the service provider’s own employees?
  5. Do difficult problems take too long to resolve and then only when “outside experts” are engaged.
  6. Are you offered recycled IT equipment to purchase?

If you experience any of the above, you may be taking an unnecessary risk which you can’t afford to take, especially now.

Select a legitimate service provider to increase your satisfaction and the uptime of your IT estate. It’s one less critical thing to worry about.