TERiX wins major data center contract …


Replacing an OEM’s IT hardware support contract is a wise and prudent business decision. Make sure you know the facts that ensure a smooth transition. Here’s how. The wisdom of employing Third Party Maintainers (TPMs) to support your IT hardware is indisputable. TPMs are easy to do business with. They will customize their support optionsRead more about THE THINGS OEMs WON’T TELL YOU BEFORE YOU LEAVE THEM![…]

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The acid test that separates the pretenders from the contenders

The acid test that separates the “pretenders from the contenders”. How to select best-in-class multi-vendor IT hardware support providers.  Use the simple evaluation secret used by Fortune 1000 companies. Selecting an IT hardware service provider can be a daunting, time-consuming and stressful task.  A bad decision can have significant ramifications to your IT estate’s uptime, time-to-repair and quality, notRead more about The acid test that separates the pretenders from the contenders[…]

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Is An IT Hardware Recycler Masquerading As Your Service Provider?

Expert multi-vendor hardware support of your critical datacenter assets is too important to leave to just anyone. Make sure your IT assets are supported by legitimate IT service providers whose primary business is providing expert service, not reselling used hardware. In today’s pandemic environment, IT assets shoulder an increased workload as more employees, customers andRead more about Is An IT Hardware Recycler Masquerading As Your Service Provider?[…]

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IBM’S Summit and Sierra supercomputers retained the #1 and #2 positions as the world’s fastest computers running the High Performance Linpack (HPL) benchmark, positions they each held since November 2018, reported TOP500. Summit and Sierra each utilize IBM P9 processors and NVIDIA V100 GPUs and deliver 148.6 HPL petaflops and 94.6 HPL petaflops, respectively. IBMRead more about US RETAINS WORLD’S FASTEST COMPUTER RANKING[…]

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Oracle Sun™

Desktop/Workstations: SPARCclassic / SPARCstation 4,5,10,LX / Ultra 1,2,5,10,20,25,30,40,45,60,80,450 / Sun Blade 100,150,1000,1500,2000,2500

Servers:  X2-2,4, X3-2,4,8, X4-2,4,8 X5-2,4,8, M5, M6, T4, T4 / SPARC T31B, T41B / Sun Blade 6000,8000,T6xxx,X6xxx,X8xxx / Cool Threads T1000,T2000,T5xxx / Enterprise 220R,250,420R,450 / Sun Fire 280R, V100, V120, V20, V210, V215, V240, V245, V440, V445, V1280, V490, V880, V890 / X21xx,X22xx X41xxx,X42xx,X43xx,X44xx,X45xx,X46xx / E10000 SF 12K,15K SF E20K,E25K / Enterprise 3000-6000,3500-6500 / Sun Fire 3800-6800,2900-6900 / M3000,M4000,M5000,M8000,M9000, M10-1,M10-4(s), M7-8 / T3-1,2,4 / T4-1,2,4 / T5-2,4,8 / (Call for T7-1,2,4)

Telco: Netra CT Series / Netra CP Series / Netra 1xx,2xx,4xx,6xx,11xx,12xx,14xx / Netra X series / Netra T4-1,2 / Netra X3-2,X5-2 / Netra T5 / Netra 6000


HPE Apollo Servers: XL230a Gen9, XL250a Gen9, XL260a Gen9, XL730f Gen9, XL740f Gen9

HPE AlphaServers: ES40 series, ES45 series, ES47 series, ES80 series, GS80 series, GS180 series, DS15 series, DS25 series

HPE 9000 Servers: D-Class Servers, E-Class Servers, K-Class Servers, R-Class Servers, T-Class Servers, V-Class Servers, Superdome Servers, rp2450, rp2470, rp3440, rp4410, rp4440, rp5400 (L1000), rp5430 (L1500), rp5450 (L2000), rp5470 (L3000), rp7400 (N-class), rp7405, rp7410, rp7420, rp7440, rp8400, rp8420, rp8440

HPE Integrity Servers: BL60p, BL860c, BL860c i2, BL860c i4, BL806c i6, BL870c, BL870c i2, BL870c i4, BL870c i6, BL890c i2, BL890c i4, BL890c i6, Superdome 2, Superdome X, Superdome sx1000, Superdome sx2000, cx2600, cx2620, rx1600, rx1620, rx2600, rx2620, rx2660, rx2800 i2, rx2800 i4, rx2800 i6, rx2900, rx3600, rx4610, rx4640, rx5670, rx6600, rx7620, rx7640, rx8620, rx8640

HPE BladeSystem c-Class Enclosures: c3000 Enclosure, c7000 Enclosure

HPE Proliant Server Blades: BL400c series, BL600c series

HPE Proliant WorkStation Blades: WS400c series

HPE BladeSystem Integrity Server Blades: BL60p, BL860c series, BL870c series, BL890c series

HPE Prolaint DL Servers: DLx0, DL100 series, DL300 series, DL500 series, DL700 series

HPE Prolaint ML Servers: ML10 series, ML100 series, ML300 series


IBM Power Servers:

POWER8 Series Linux only based Power Systems S821LC, S822LC, S812/822L, S824L

Power Systems scale-out servers S812, S822, S814, S824

Power Enterprise Series Servers E850C, E850, E870, E880

POWER7 Series Linux only based Power Systems PL7R1, PL7R2, PL7R4

Power Systems scale-out servers p710, p720, p730, p740, p750, p755

Power Enterprise Series Servers p795, p780, p775, p770, p760

POWER6 Series Power Enterprise Series Servers POWER 595, POWER  575, POWER 570

Power Systems scale-out servers POWER 560 Express, POWER 550 Express, POWER 520 Express

POWER5 Series Power Systems scale-out servers p5 505, p5 510, p5 520, p5 550, p5 560, p5 570

Power Enterprise Series Servers p5 575, p5 590, p5 595

POWER4 Series eServer pSeries 690, 680, 670, 660, 655, 650, 640, 630, 620, 615, 610

RS/6000 Enterprise Server Model F50, F80, H50, H70, H80, M80, S70, S7A

IBM x-Series Servers: 

x-Series server:

x100, x200, x306, x330, x346, x335, x445, x460

x-Series  MC Server:

x3100, x3200, x3250, x3300, x3400, x3500, x3550, x3600, x3650, x3700, x3750, x3800, x3850,

x3950, x3690, x3950 X5, x3950 X5

IBM PURE Flex and Flex System:

Enterprise Chassis 7893, 8721

Enterprise Carrier-Grade Chassis 7385, 8724

Compute Node Type 2584, 2585, 2588, 2589, 2590, 4258, 4259, 7162, 7167, 7196, 7903, 7906, 7916, 7917, 7955, 8731, 8734, 8737, 9532, 1475, 7895, 7954

IBM Blade Systems

Blade Center E, H, S, T, HT Chassis

Blade Servers Model Type:

QS20, QS21, QS22, HS20, HS21, HS22, HS12, HS23, HX5, LS20, LS21, LS22, LS41, LS42, JS12, JS20, JS21, PS700, PS701, PS702

IBM Netfinity Server:

X250, x370, x350

IBM Intellistation:

A-Pro (6217, 6224), E-Pro (6204, 6214, 6836, 6846, 6226), M-Pro (6218, 6220, 9229, 9230), Z-Pro (6221, 6223, 6227, 9232).



HX1310, HX2310-E, HX3310, HX3310-F


SR650, SR630,SR550,SR530


RD330, RD340, RD350, RD430, RD450, RD540, RD550, RD630, RD650, RS100 Series, TD1xx Series, TD3xx Series, TD4xx Series


PowerEdge Server:  R2X0, R3X0, R4X0, R5X0, R6X0, R7X0, R9X0, T3X0, T4X0, T6X0, 19XX, 29XX, 69XX, 18XX, 28XX, 68XX, 1750, 16X0, 26X0, 66X0

PowerEdge Blade: VRTS/M1000E Chassis M4X0, M5X0, M6X0, M8X0, M9X0

Cisco UCS™

Chassis: CISCO Blade Server Chassis 5100 Series

Blades: UCS B22, B200, B230, B250, B420, B440

Rack Servers: UCS C22, C24, C200, C210, C220, C240, C250, C420, C460


SuperServer, SuperBlade, SuperWorkstation


M-Series, Primepower ,Primergy, Primequest, SPARC Enterprise, Solaris OS Support


EMC Disk: Symmetrix (DMX and VMAX), VNX, Celerra, Clariion (AX and CX), Isilon, Data Domain


HDS modular Storage: Thunder series, AMS 1000 series and AMS 2000 series.

HDS Unified Storage: HUS series

HDS NAS Storage: HNAS 3100/3200 and  HNAS 3080/3090

HDS Enterprise Storage: Lightning series, USP series, USPV series and VSP.

HDS/HP XP: XP10000, XP12000, XP20000, XP24000 and P9500.


NetApp DS2246,NetApp FAS2020,NetApp FAS2040,NetApp FAS2040C,NetApp FAS2040C-R5,NetApp FAS2050,NetApp FAS250,NetApp FAS270,NetApp FAS270C,NetApp FAS3020,NetApp FAS3020-R5,NetApp FAS3020C,NetApp FAS3040,NetApp FAS3040C,NetApp FAS3050C,NetApp FAS3070,NetApp FAS3070A,NetApp FAS3070C,NetApp FAS3140,NetApp FAS3140C,NetApp FAS3160,NetApp FAS3160C,NetApp FAS3170,NetApp FAS3170C,NetApp FAS3210,Netapp FAS3220,NetApp FAS3240,NetApp FAS3240A,NetApp FAS3240C,NetApp FAS3250,NetApp FAS3270,NetApp FAS6030,NetApp FAS6240, NetApp V6XX0, NetApp 3XX0, NetApp StoreVault s550

Oracle SUN

Oracle/Sun Disk: Sun Storage D240,25xx,6xxx,J4xx / STK 25xx,5xxx,6xxx / StorEdge 3xxx,5xxx,6xxx,9xxx,Ax000,D1000,D2,S1,T3,T3+ / RSM 2000,A3000 / SSA 1xx,2xx / ZFS 7xxx series

Oracle/Sun Tape: STK T10000A,B,C,D / DLT 4700, Model 8/140,8/400 / L-Series (and STK) 8,9,20,25,40,60,100,140,180,280,500,700,1000,1400,1800,5500,6000,8500, 11000 / SL24,48,150,500,3000,8500 / C2,C4

Rebranded HDS: Sun StorageTek 9990 (Hitachi USP), Sun StorageTek 9990V(Hitachi USP-V), Sun 9985V (Hitachi USP-VM) Sun StorEdge 9985 (Hitachi NSC55), Sun StorEdge 9980, 9970, 9960, 9910


HP Disk: 3PAR, EVA, MSA, Proliant Storage, StoreEasy, Rebranded HDS XP10000, XP12000, XP20000, XP24000 and P9500.

HP Tape: EML, ESL, MSL, Surestore, StorageWorks, Optical Libraries


Enterprise Disk Storage DS6800, DS8100, DS8300, DS8700, DS8800, DS8880, XIV Storage System (2810, 2812)

Mid-range Disk Systems DCS3700, DCS3860, DS3950, DS4100, DS4200, DS4300, DS4400, DS4500, DS4700, DS4800, DS5020, DS5100, DS5300, IBM Storwize V5000, IBM Storwize V7000 (2076), IBM Storwize V7000 Unified, IBM System Storage DCS9550, IBM System Storage DCS 9900

Entry-level Disk Systems DS3200, DS3300, DS3400, DS3500 (DS3512, DS3524), IBM Storwize V3500, IBM Storwize V3700

Fibre Array Storage Technology FAStT500 Storage Server

Storage Expansion Units DCS3700 Exp. Unit, DS400 EXP100 and EXP100 Express, DS4000 EXP420, DS4000 EXP700 FC EXP. Unit, DS4000 EXP710 and EXP710 Express, DS4000 EXP 810 Express, EXP 2500 (EXP2512, EXP 2524), EXP3000, EXP3500 (EXP3512, EXP3524), EXP3800 EXP Enclosure, EXP395, EXP5000, EXP5060, EXP520 EXP Enclosure

Network Attached Storage (NAS) N Series Storage Systems N3150 (2857-A15, A25), N3220 (2857-A12, A22), N3240 (2857-A14, A24), N3300 (2859-A10, A20), N3400 (2859-A11, A21), N3600 (2862-A10, A20), N3700 (2863-A10, A20), N5200 (2864-A10, A20, G10, G20), N5300 (2869-A10, A20, G10, G20), N5500 (2865-A10, A20, G10, G20), N5600 (2868-A10, A20, G10, G20), N6040 (2858-A10, A20), N6060 (2858-A12, A22), N6070 (2858-A11, A21), N6210 (2858-C10, C20), N6220 (2858-C15, C25, E15, E25), N6240 (2858-E11, C21, E21), N6250 (2858-E16, E26), N6270 (2858-E12, C22, E22), N7550T (2867-C20), N7600 (2866-A10, A20, G10, G20), N7700 (2866-A11, A21, G11, G21), N7800 (2867-A10, A20, G10, G20), N7900 (2867-A11, A21, G11, G21), N7950T (2867-E22)

N-Series Expansion Units EXN1000 SATA Exp. (2861-001), EXN2000 FC Exp. (2863-001), EXN3000 Storage Exp. (2857-003), EXN3200 Storage Exp. (2857-306), EXN3500 Storage Exp. (2857-006), EXN Storage Exp. (2863-004)

IBM Tape Storage System: TS2900 Tape Autoloader (3572), TS3100 and TS3200 Tape Libraries (3573-L2U, L4U),TS3310 Tape Library (3576), TS3400 Tape Library (3577), TS3500 Tape Library (3584), TS4300 Tape Library, TS4500 Tape Library (3584)

IBM Tape Drives: 3580 Tape Drive, 3592 Enterprise Tape System, 3592 Tape Drive, 7206 Tape Drive, TS1070 Tape Drive, TS1120 (3592-E05), TS1130 (3592-E06, EU6), TS1140 (3592-E07), TS1150 (3592-E08, EH8), TS2230 (3580-H3L, L3E, H3S, S3E, H3V), TS2240 (3580-H4S, S4E, H4V), TS2250 (3580-H5S, S5E), TS2260, TS2270, TS2340 (3580-L43, L4X, S43, S4X), TS2350 (3580-S53, S5X), 3855-F4A, 3588-F5A, TS2360 Tape Drive


Lenovo Storage: DS2200, DS4200, DS6200, D1212, D1024, D3284 N3310


Compellent: Model 10-40, SC40X0, SC50X0, SC8000, SC9000

EqualLogic: PS4X00, PS5X00, PS6X00

PowerVault: MD1XX0, MD3XX0, NX200, NX300, NX3X00?


Fujitsu Disk: Eternus


Scalar Series, P Series, M Series, PX Sereis, iSeries, Faststor


Routers: CISCO 800 Series, 1800 Series, 1900 Series, 2800 Series, 2900 Series, 3800 Series, 3900 Series, 4000 Series, 5000 Series, 5500 Series, 7300 Series, 11500, 12000 Series Routers.

Switches: Catalyst 9300, 9400, 9500, 6800, 6500, 4500E, 3850, 3650, 3560, 2960 Switches

Stackable Switches: 550X, 350X, 350, 250, 110 Switches.


T-Series, J-Series, MX, M, PTX, EX, QFX, SRX Series


Brocade SLX Switches: SLX 9140, 9240, 9540 Switch

Brocade VDX Switches: VDX 6740, 6940, 8770 Switch

Brocade RUCKUS: ICX7450, 6610, 7150, 7250, 7750, 6430, 6450, FCX Series Switches

Brocade Carrier Ethernet: Brocade CES2000, 6910 Switches

Brocade Fibre Channel: Brocade X6 Director, DCX8510, G610, G620, 6505, 6510, 6520, 300 FC Switches.

Brocade Routers: SLX9850, MLX Series, CER2000 Series


ProCurve (1XX0 through 8XX0), Brocade (DCX & Silkworm) Rebranded, Cisco/MDS 9XXX Rebranded


IBM Converged Switches: Brocade VDX6730 Converged Switch for IBM, IBM Converged Switch B32 (3758-B32, 32E, L32), IBM Rack Switch G8264CS

IBM Ethernet Routers: IBM Ethernet Routers B04M (4003-M04), B08M (4003-M08), B16M (4003-M16), B32M (4003-M32), J02M (4274-M02), J06M (4274-M06), J11M (4274-M11)

SAN Routers: SAN04B-R (2005-R04), SAN06B-R (2498-R06)


PowerConnect, Dell Networking, Rebranded Brocade & Cisco




Varies, call with your models