Instructions for Script Use 
Manufacturer/Operating System-IBM RS6000 pSeries (p5 and p6) AIX All versions

The purpose of this script is to get configuration information from your systems.

This data will not be shared outside of TERiX and will be used only to calculate sparing levels for your contracted systems.

It is necessary to be logged in as root to run the script.

(1) Copy this text-based script file to each system via ftp

(2) Uncompress the file (uncompress TERiX_IBM_SystemInfo.tar.Z)

(3) Untar the file (tar xf TERiX_IBM_SystemInfo.tar)

(4) Make it executable (chmod +x

(5) Execute the script:
- type: ./

(6) The script will create a file named /tmp/ibmsupt/(Hostname).snap.pax.Z

(7) Instructions for sending output to TERiX:

Please send the output files to TERiX via one of the following methods:

- email the file to

- please upload the output file to TERiX's ftp Server at
- Username is upload
- Password: upload
Once the ftp completes, please email with the names of uploaded files that were placed on the ftp server.

- TERiX's ftp server is secure so you cannot use directly in a browser, it will result in 550 Permission Denied errors. If the command line ftp above is not possible TERiX does have a browser based uploader, please use 123456 as the ticket number.

(8) Once the ftp completes, please email with the filenames
that were placed on the ftp server.