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TERiX: Your one-call hardware maintenance provider.

TERiX provides "better service, better value" support that positions your business as a total solutions provider. Becoming a TERiX channel partner allows you to provide hardware and software service solutions to your customers, while maintaining account control.

You're a Total Solutions Provider

When business stakeholders talk about new IT infrastucture, they're generally talking about new hardware purchases. But when they talk about existing hardware, what they're really talking about is their hardware maintenance situation. If you're not actively reselling maintenance, you're leaving margin on the table over the long term. And if you're not reselling TERiX maintenance you may find the fruits of your hard work being taken away in year two and beyond.

Selling TERiX maintenance as a replacement for or supplement to existing Original Equipment Manufacturer maintenance contracts positions your business as the total provider for the long term. You become as much of an authority on existing hardware and lifecycle as you are on new hardware solutions. It makes the best use of your time, too, because TERiX is an authoritative partner on the sales call and fields the complex questions for you.

You Maintain Account Control

We are able to deliver this shoulder-to-shoulder assistance because of our deference to you as the originator of the account, and because of our flexible commission/margin structure. Compensation options include a traditional commission structure based on products covered under contract, or a purchase cost that can be marked up for customers as part of a package sale driven entirely by you. Other advantages of our channel program include:

  • Cost or Referral Programs Available
  • Entitlement to renew your contract in year two and beyond
  • No certification process necessary for maintenance eligibility
  • New, used and legacy product support
  • Multi-Vendor Support - over 30 OEMs
  • Cost effective solutions while maintaining account control with your clients

Find out more!

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As an independent Silicon Valley-based provider of server, storage, and network maintenance services, TERiX serves more than 1,000 customers around the world. TERiX support options include onsite server, storage, network maintenance with plans that include 24/7 coverage, spares onsite, next-day parts, and UNIX based operating system configuration, system administration, and error analysis and diagnosis services.

TERiX Computer Service - World-Class Server, Storage, and Network Maintenance

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