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Large Global Systems Integrators for 12 years have leveraged the TERiX Alliance program to provide their customers a solution to meet multi-vendor data center maintenance service needs. TERiX supports SUN, HP, IBM, and ISS servers (including Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, OpenVMS, Tru64), in addition to EMC, STK, NETAPPS and other storage devices, and many networking products under one Alliance agreement. TERiX gives Integrators the ability to provide their customers a quality solution with services second to none at a price that passes on savings and meets the integratorís profit requirements as well. 

TERiX professionals with a thorough understanding of the service industry, business issues and applicable technologies, enable TERiX to deliver solutions tailored to each client's industry. Leveraging these combined strengths, TERiX can deliver a comprehensive, innovative solution that helps your customer achieve the highest performance level. The TERiX solution polishes your brand in the market place as it expands your offerings and value. This puts you in a trusted advisor position with your services client, right where we want you to be. Find out more about how TERiX can make your systems integration solution a success and expand your opportunity in the data center. Contact us here>>