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TERiX: Your one-call hardware maintenance provider.

Better Service, Better Value:

TERiX Hardware maintenance for servers and mainframes.

Server systems are the heart of the datacenter, and at TERiX we've built our reputation as an industry leader by ensuring that servers work. Our customers choose us as an alternative to OEM server support for a variety of compelling reasons:

  • Total lifecycle support - from new to 20+ years past end of service life. You decide how long to keep your systems, not the OEM.

  • Personalized SLA coverage - mix and match service levels on the same contract. No more one-size-fits-all OEM blankets.

  • Broad server system support - from commodity wintel blades through the most complex IBM System z™ mainframes, TERiX engineers bring nearly two decades of experience to bear on every server maintenance ticket.

  • Multiple brands on one contract - One point of contact convenience, multi-certified engineer expertise and guaranteed maintenance interoperability. Co-terminate your add-on systems and enjoy flexible adds and deletes midstream.

  • Operating System Knowledge - TERiX certified engineers provide services including system administration, configuration, triage and error analysis and action plans for a variety of common server Unix-based operating systems including IBM AIX®, HP-UX®, MPE/iX®, OpenVMS®, Tru64®, and most versions of Solaris®.

  • Maintenance transition plan in every proposal - a clear roadmap to get from the current state of your server maintenance to the TERiX standard without pitfalls or mistaken assumptions from either side. You'll see what the future looks like before you decide, and control the benchmarks for success.

  • Abundant reporting and personalized maintenance performance reviews - to the point that hardware maintenance becomes a data asset to inform decisions, benchmark operational norms and avoid underperforming systems in future purchases.

  • Convenient, fully transparent, cloud-based maintenance hub - you see what we see in our proprietary online support ticketing tool, giving you the ability to open, view, escalate or close incidents from any internet-connected device. Phone and email are also always available so you can work the way you like.

TERiX Server Slideshare Presentations

Some server questions you might have, answered in TERiX presentations on Slideshare.

What server makes and models does TERiX support?

TERiX currently maintains over a hundred thousand individual server systems worldwide. These include all major OEM brand names (HP®, IBM®, Dell®, Oracle Sun®, Fujitsu®, Supermicro®, Compaq® and many others) as well as industry-standard servers. If you're looking for support for a specific system, you can jump over to our request page and let us know the specifics, or just drop down to the bottom of the page and send us a quick message. If you're more of a list person, an overview of the server systems we support can be found below.

Some Examples of IBM Systems Covered

7044,7046 RS/6000 B50; 7043, 7248 RS/6000 43P; 7044, 7046 RS/6000 44P
7026 pSeries 640
7029 pSeries 615
7028 pSeries 610; 7026 pSeries H70; 7026 pSeries H60; 7026 pSeries H80; 7026 pSeries 660
9110 p 510;7025 pSeries 620
7028 pSeries 630; 911 p 520, 9131 p 520Q
7038 pSeries 650, 9113 System p 550, 9133 p 550Q
7026 pSeries M80, 9117 System p 570
7040 pSeries 670; 7039 pSeries 651
7017; RS/6000 370, S7A, S80, S85
7040 pSeries 690
9119 System p Model 590

Some Examples of HP Systems Covered

D200 1 way, A400, rp21xx, D220 1 way, D230 1 way, D210 1 way, 280 1 way, D320 1 way, rx26xx 1 way
D250 1 way, A500, rp24xx 2 way, D250 2 way, Gxx, D260 1 way, D260 2 way, D330 1 way, D270 2 way, D310 1 way
D370 1-2 way, D280 2 way, D270 1 way, R380 1 way, D380 1 way, D350 2 way, D360 1 way, D390 1 way, D380 2 way
H20, D390 2 way, R380 2 way, D360 2 way, L1xxx 1 way, R390 1 way, H30
K2xx 2-4 way, H40, K3xx 2-4 way, R390 2 way, H50
L2xx 1 way, L3xx 1 way, rp54xx 1 way, rp56xx 1 way, K3xx 5-6 way, rp74xx 1-2 CPU, rx96xx 1-2 way, I30, K4xx 1 way
I40, rx46xx 2 way, L1xxx 2 way, L3xx 2 way, rp54xx 2 way, rp56xx 2 way, I50, rx46xx 3 way, K4xx 2 way, I60, rx96xx 3-4 way, rx46xx 4 way, K4xx 3 way, I70
K5xx 1 way, K4xx 4 way, rx96xx 5-6 way, L3xxx 3 way, L3xxx 3 way, rp54xx 3 way, rp56xx 3 way, N4xxx1-2 CPU, rp71xx 1-2 CPU, K5xx 2 way, rx96xx 7-8 way
rx96xx 9-12 way, K5xx 3 way, L2xxx 4 way, L3xxx 4 way rp54xx 4 way, rp56xx 4 way
rx96xx 13-16 way, T5xx 1 way, N4xx 3-4 CPU, rp71xx 3-4 CPU, rp74xx 3-4 CPU, T6xx 1-2 way, T6xx 3 way , N4xxx 5-6 CPU, rp71xx 5-6 CPU, rx74xx 5-6 CPU
rp84xx S Class, T6xx 4 way, T5xx 2 way, N4xxx 7-8 CPU, RP71xx 7-8 CPU, rp74xx 7-8 CPU, T5xx 3-4 way, T6xx 5 way, T6xx 6-7 way, T5xx 5 way, T5xx 6-7 way, T6xx 8 way, T5xx 8-9 way, T6xx 9-10 way, T5xx 10-11 way, T6xx 11 way, V22xx 1-4 CPU, V25xx 1-4 CPU, V26xx 1-4 CPU, T6xx 12+ way, T5xx 12+ way
Superdome 1-32 way, V22xx 5-8 CPU, V25xx 5-8CPU, V26xx 5-8 CPU, V22xx 9-12 CPU, V25xx 9-12 CPU, V26xx 9-12 CPU, V22xx 13-16 CPU, V25xx 13-16 CPU, V26xx 13-16 CPU, V25xxSCA 33-64CPU, Superdome 32-64 way, V25xx SCA65-96 CPU, V25xx SCA 97-128 CPU

Some Examples of Sun Systems Covered

Blade 100x (Athlon CPU) Blade 200x (Xeon CPU), Blade 100, Blade 150, Blade 1500, AX2200 (Blade 1000), AXdp, Axi, Enterprise 150, Netra AC/DC 200, Netra T1 (single), Netra X1, Sparc 4, Sparc 5, Sunfire V100, Sunfire V120, Ultra 1, Ultra 5, Ultra 10, Ultra, T and M systems
Blade 1000, Blade 2000, Blade 2500, Enterprise 220R, Netra1120/1125, Netra 20, Netra 240, Sparc 10, Sparc 20, Sunfire 280R, Sunfire V210, Sunfire V240, Ultra 2, Ultra 60, V20z (Opteron CPU), V250, V60x, V65x, W1200z (Opteron CPU)
AXm p/AXmp+ (E50), Enterprise 420R, Enterprise 450, Netra 440, Sunfire V480, Sunfire V440, Ultra 80, V40z (Opteron CPU) V480, V490
Enterprise 3000, Enterprise 3500, Netra ft 1800, Sunfire 3800, Sunfire V880 - 8P, V890
Sunfire 4800, Sunfire 4810, Sunfire E2900, Sunfire E4900, Sunfire V1280
Enterprise 4000, Enterprise 4500, Enterprise 5000, Enterprise 5500
Sunfire 6800, Sunfire 6900
Enterprise 6000, Enterprise 6500
Sunfire 12K, Sunfire E20K
Sun Enterprise E10K Base System
Sunfire 15K, Sunfire E25K

Some Examples of Industry Standard Systems Covered

Sun Blade Servers, IBM x Series Servers, Dell Servers, Supermicro Servers, Compaq Servers, HP Proliant Servers, other Blades

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As an independent Silicon Valley-based provider of server, storage, and network maintenance services, TERiX serves more than 1,000 customers around the world. TERiX support options include onsite server, storage, network maintenance with plans that include 24/7 coverage, spares onsite, next-day parts, and UNIX based operating system configuration, system administration, and error analysis and diagnosis services.

TERiX Computer Service - World-Class Server, Storage, and Network Maintenance

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