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Concerned about #shellshock?

TERiX has created free BASH patches for several Solaris operating system releases, including end-of-support-life Solaris releases. These address all known BASH vulnerabilities and were created by TERiX engineers under open source covered by General Public License (GPL).

You can test your systems and get more information about this Bash vulnerability here (Note: This link is not affiliated with TERiX and is not subject to our privacy policy or website terms of use).

click here to download the open source Shellshock BASH patch for Solaris from TERiX

TERiX Configuration-Gathering Scripts

These scripts are nondestructive and for the sole purpose of gathering configuration information for TERiX logistics.

These scripts are directed at extremely specific targets - note that the nomenclature is operating-system-specific, and running a script on the wrong system is a very bad idea.

If you have any doubts or questions, before you run a script please get in touch with your TERiX representative or TERiX support at 888-848-3749.

Manufacturer/OS View Instructions Download
Solaris - All Versions
IBM RS6000, pSeries (p5 and p6)
AIX-All versions
IBM iSeries
HP HP 9000 & Itanium
HP-UX V 10.20
HP HP 9000 & Itanium
ISS (Generic)
Intel compatible hardware
Windows 2003 Server or Windows 2008 Server
ISS (Generic)
Intel-compatible hardware
or higher OS only
NetApp filers - all models
Autosupport model
Data OnTAP

Additional Configuration Tools

Tool Description Download
Terix Daylight Savings Time (DST) Patch With the advent of new DST dates that began on March 11, 2009, Solaris™ users require a software patch in order for the operating system to correctly calculate the time change.

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