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TERiX: Your one-call hardware maintenance provider.

$100.00 for your thoughts...

Rule No. 1 is, "If you don't serve the customer, someone else will." Are we meeting your expectations? Not meeting them? Are there brands or OEMs we don't support that we should? Is there a better way to get the correct part to the correct place that we should be aware of? To make it worth your while, we offer a $100 Visa™ gift card each month to an existing TERiX customer who submits the most compelling idea on how we can improve our service, our brand, or anything else about the TERiX experience.

We're listening. Let's talk!

Where TERiX succeeds, it's because our primary concern is not just fixing hardware. We actively seek to fix the customer. TERiX Engineers have a passion to take care of the customer--It figures into the job review of every single employee, and improving this capability is part of our culture and the TERiX DNA. We built our reputation for delivering service second-to-none by considering break-fix and SLA levels to be the bare minumum, rather than the maximum accomplishment. Customers want service delivery on their schedule, to their standards, delivered with courtesy and respect for all customers, partners, prospects, and competitors. Delivering anything less than that is a failure on our part.

  • A global team of engineers, technicians, and support staff conditioned and incentivized to exceed SLA
  • A sales team that asks lots of questions, listens to the answers, and actively participates in channel and strategic alliance sales whenever possible
  • An operations team dedicated to supporting and encouraging customer focus by recognizing that all employees are ambassadors of brand TERiX

So, just add your contact info and your suggestion and fire away! We'll get in touch using the contact info you provide, and if you move us towards real change there's a $100 gift in it as a thank you from us.

TERiX Would Be Even Better If...

Not every data center crisis happens inside the data center...

When servers on a flatbed were hit by a sudden thunderstorm, TERiX employees Dave Purvis and Alphonso Nguyen pulled up next to the flatbed, moved the servers into the TERiX van, and relocated them to the new building. Crisis averted. That's better service, better value in action.

Call us. Let's Talk!

Want to tell a good story like the one above? Every person has a need to communicate and not every crisis is in the Data Center. Our success depends on your success, so please let us know if we've helped you succeed. Feel free to give us a call toll free at 888.848.3749 during regular business hours, Eastern timezone (GMT -5), or just use the form above.

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As an independent Silicon Valley-based provider of server, storage, and network maintenance services, TERiX serves more than 1,000 customers around the world. TERiX support options include onsite server, storage, network maintenance with plans that include 24/7 coverage, spares onsite, next-day parts, and UNIX based operating system configuration, system administration, and error analysis and diagnosis services.

TERiX Computer Service - World-Class Server, Storage, and Network Maintenance

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