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TERiX: Your one-call hardware maintenance provider.

Right Part. Right Time.

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At TERiXLOGISTICS, getting the right part to the right place - every single time - is easy.

Our experienced logistics team, in combination with delivery best practices and the processes we've tested and refined, create a vast supply network that makes the TERiX support experience significantly better than that of most third party maintenance providers who lack our global scope and local expertise. Parts are certified, pretested, and arrive on time 96.8% of the time, well above the industry average identified by Gartner of 86.9%

TERiX compared to Maintenance Industry Benchmarks
Industry StandardTERiX
Avg. time to reach a human being:
:55 seconds:17 seconds
Percentage of time Service Level Agreement (SLA) is met:
Correct part available same-day percentage:
Industry standard benchmarks excerpted from Gartner Market Focus Survey ©2008 The Gartner Group. TERiX performance excerpted from TERiX Ticketing System and Response Center analytics as of Jun 2017."

TERiX measures our internal and external performance against statistics set for our industry best peers. TERiX first part onsite within SLA statistics, as compared to Gartner Group averages, demonstrates the higher level of service attention your company receives from TERiX. And it starts long before the first service event, when we're creating the logistical plan and setting up the stocking centers - steps that some providers never take. Our transition teams integrate with logistics and engineering teams to prepare proper kits, parts and spares for each customer order, and set automatic replenishment levels for parts usage to ensure immediate parts availability in region for service events 7x24x365.

This dedication isn't optional for TERiX; our missional core is customer-facing and customer focused, to provide a service experience to customers, channel and strategic partners that is genuinely second to none in the industry. We sum it up with a simple statement: Better Service, better value.

Request more details about TERiXLOGISTICS and how certfied parts are stocked in your specific region by submitting the form below.

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As an independent Silicon Valley-based provider of server, storage, and network maintenance services, TERiX serves more than 1,000 customers around the world. TERiX support options include onsite server, storage, network maintenance with plans that include 24/7 coverage, spares onsite, next-day parts, and UNIX based operating system configuration, system administration, and error analysis and diagnosis services.

TERiX Computer Service - World-Class Server, Storage, and Network Maintenance

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