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TERiX: Your one-call hardware maintenance provider.

Channel Account Team

TERiX understands the critical nature of managing services and relationships in technology driven organizations. Our TERiX Channel Account Team is here to contribute to your financial and personal success as a hardware reseller.

What's in it for you?

  • Cost or referral programs available
  • Entitlement to renew your contract in year two and beyond
  • No certification process necessary for eligibility
  • New, used and legacy product support
  • Multi-Vendor support with 'one throat to choke' accountability
  • Cost effective solution frees more client budget for your value-added services

Connect to Channel

Have a deal in the works? Need to get in touch with your Channel Account Executive? Let us know what's up in the quick form below.

Meet the TERiX Channel Account Team!

Many areas of TERiX are involved in helping channel partners succeed, including sales and marketing, deal desk, and of course service delivery. As a channel partner, there are several members of the channel sales team you're most likely to interact with.

Pat Homon: Manager Channel Accounts

Pat has been with TERiX for more than ten years working with and managing our reseller channel, prior to which he was a reseller himself. He's a phenomenally experienced asset for resellers to rely on, and delivers practical pre-sales assistance as well as a sympathetic ear when it comes to resolving any issues that might arise. He's been in the business a long time and has seen it changing at every step along the way, and he's eager to put that industry knowledge to work for you.

Billy Fantozz: Channel Sales Account Manager

Billy has been hands-on with TERiX Channel partners since 2010, helping to provide needed assistance to channel partner account representatives and close more business through the channel. Billy is an advocate for the channel, and is dedicated to making it fast and easy to process opportunities and sales with the TERiX Channel sales division.

Eric Hawkins: Channel Sales Account Manager

Eric is a dynamic and critical member of the Channel Sales team, focused on increasing sales opportunities and commissions and to ensuring that quotes, proposals and renewals move smoothly and rapidly through from inception to close.

Get in Touch

It's easy to connect with TERiX Channel. Give us a call on our Sales & Marketing Hotline at 888-848-3749 or use the form below!

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As an independent Silicon Valley-based provider of server, storage, and network maintenance services, TERiX serves more than 1,000 customers around the world. TERiX support options include onsite server, storage, network maintenance with plans that include 24/7 coverage, spares onsite, next-day parts, and UNIX based operating system configuration, system administration, and error analysis and diagnosis services.

TERiX Computer Service - World-Class Server, Storage, and Network Maintenance

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